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    Secure collaboration

    Enable optimum collaboration among your employees, anytime, anywhere.

Your employees often work remotely from where your ICT environment is physically located. By enabling them to access applications in your internal or external datacenter or in the Cloud, you can enhance the efficiency of their activities. Eurofiber’s fiber-optic connections allow them to securely access your company network.


Deploy our fiber-optic connections to make centrally hosted business applications accessible in real time from every location, and make your organization more efficient while saving costs. Enabling remote access to your systems also creates substantial benefits in terms of possible synergies with external parties.

Secure collaboration - Fiber optic Private Cloud

Provide access to your business applications without using the public internet. Eurofiber’s IP VPN and Ethernet VPN services allow you to create a private Cloud separated from the internet, delivering secure access to your data and applications for your employees.

Innovative applications

Leverage innovative applications to enhance cooperation inside your organization and beyond. Our fast connections provide you with a reliable platform for video-conferencing or VoIP, as well as a range of other services.

Our connections facilitate growing collaboration between hospitals, for sharing large files such as CT scans and patient records, among other things. They are also increasingly supporting cooperation in the education sector, by providing access to a personalized learning environment via the Cloud.