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    Process optimization

    Improve the environment, traffic flows and your service levels.

The Netherlands is evolving into a single metropolitan area. This has implications for water and energy supplies, the free flow of traffic and CO2 emissions. These challenges can only be met if citizens, public authorities and companies work together and optimize the potential of technology.

Process optimization - Fiber optic Real-time monitoring and control

You can remotely control bridges, locks, power stations and other assets by connecting them to Eurofiber’s fiber-optic network. Central control enables you to monitor all your assets more effectively and shorten response times. This enhances safety and improves operating efficiency.

Collecting big data

Digitizing the data generated by your assets allows you to collect large volumes of data at any given moment. These data can be used to optimize your processes and improve your service levels. We have been deploying fiber to various assets since 2009.