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    Secure Cloud Connect

    • Direct connection to market-leading Cloud Service Providers
    • Secure and trustworthy private networks
    • Guaranteed availability and low latency
    • End-to-end services including various redundancy options

Permanent, fast, secure access to the cloud via a private network

More and more organizations are working in the cloud. Secure Cloud Connect ensures that you always have secure and immediate access to multiple cloud platforms. This comprehensive end-to-end solution provides direct access to the platforms you prefer, routed through a secure private network.

Secure, swift connection to the cloud at all times, guaranteed!

Does your organization have any real-time, business-critical applications? And do you want to avoid missing out on orders due to interrupted service or delays? Secure Cloud Connect provides permanent, fast, secure access to Microsoft, Amazon or Google cloud services through your own private network.

Optimum availability and reliability

The Secure Cloud Connect service guarantees extremely high availability and low latency, due to the densely deployed Eurofiber fiberoptic network that extends 37,200 kilometers across the Benelux and the North of France. When requested, we also provide various redundancy options to guarantee maximum availability for business-critical applications.


Eurofiber provides an end-to-end connection to the cloud. Now your organization can focus on its core business, due in no small part to innovative, cost-efficient cloud applications.


Using its open fiberoptic network as the backbone, Eurofiber is able to respond to such needs as bandwidths that are scalable. Secure Cloud Connect provides redundancy and supports all bandwidths of the various cloud service providers, ranging from 50 Mb/s up to 10 Gb/s.

From your locations to the cloud, all arranged on your behalf

We give your organization an end-to-end connection to the cloud through a virtual private network (VPN), keeping the network completely separate from the public internet. You can count on 24/7 expert support from our Network Monitoring Center, boasting the fastest repair times in the regional market.

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