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    Managed Dark Fiber

    • Nationwide fiber-optic network
    • High quality, low attenuation and latency
    • Completely underground and spliced
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Fastest repair times in the market (MttR = 8 hours)

Eurofiber’s Managed Dark Fiber service is the optimal solution for your business-critical applications. Manage your bandwidth and allow it to grow with your organization’s needs, to as high as 100 Gb/s or more. And enjoy the benefits of having your own fiber-optic infrastructure without having to construct or manage it yourself.

Control your own Dark Fiber

Our Dark Fiber service provides you with a fiber-optic connection with control of two dedicated fibers. You determine your bandwidth using the network equipment. You lease the dark fiber based on the effective distance between your locations.

WDM boosts bandwidth

Connect your own network equipment to both ends of the fiber-optic connection. And, if required, stack multiple applications using WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) equipment. Dark Fiber and WDM enable you to transfer data from your server as well as your storage environment via multiple 10 Gb/s connections over a single fiber.

Fully managed

Leave the management of your dark fiber entirely to us. We will also register your network with the Netherlands Cables and Pipelines Registry (Kabel en Leidingen Kadaster / KLIK), carry out reconstructions ordered by public authorities, and repair any damage caused by digging.

Cost-efficient ring structures

If you have multiple locations geographically close to one another, it may be worthwhile installing your own dark fiber ring. Connect your locations and reduce your telecom costs for each location, even if bandwidth usage varies from one site to the other.

Managed Dark Fiber - Fiber optic Centralization and innovation

By installing dark fiber as a series of rings, you can enable your applications to run over separate routes. This creates a platform with maximum availability and reliability when centralizing your ICT systems and new applications. It allows you to easily centralize data storage and camera surveillance and access control systems, for example, as well as to deploy IP telephony.

State-of-the-art network

Our fiber-optic network is installed entirely underground in robust ducts. The fibers are spliced, guaranteeing high availability and low risk of interference, as well as low attenuation.

Optimum availability and support

You have a guaranteed uptime availability of 99.9%. By opting for a second, fully separated fiber-optic route, you can boost this to 99.99%. You can also rely 24×7 on the expert support of our Network Monitoring Center (NMC).

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