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    Business Internet

    • Speeds up to 10 Gb/s
    • Redundant connections available
    • Up to 64 dedicated IPv4 addresses, plus an IPv6 address block
    • Support for dedicated IPv4 addresses (PI space)

Eurofiber’s fiberoptic network offers your organization a future-proof infrastructure that provides the basis for business internet solutions. Our fiberoptic network is completely under the ground. That is the foundation on which organizations run all of their internal and external processes and applications without any downtime. The network incorporates redundancy solutions that suit your organization, guaranteeing extra stability.

On top of this infrastructure, we also provide a wide-ranging selection of configurations to suit your organization’s needs. Eurofiber’s Business Internet gives your employees fast and reliable internet access. These solutions range from a standard connection all the way to a complex, redundant variant for business-critical purposes. Available in various standard configurations, high-speed bandwidths and redundancy options. We also provide support for VRRP and BGP failover protocols. Rely on speeds ranging from 50 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s. 50% of all internet traffic now travels over Eurofiber’s fiberoptic network.

Business Internet – ranging from standard access to complex redundancy

Eurofiber Internet comes in 7 different variants: from simple access all the way up to an advanced, redundant transit solution.
Eurofiber’s range of business internet solutions responds to current market demand for scalability, redundancy, and freedom of choice:

  • Scalability, so you can easily add more bandwidth.
  • Redundancy, in terms of infrastructure (fibers) & various redundancy protocols.
  • Freedom of choice in use of IP addresses: Your own IP addresses or Eurofiber IP addresses

Multi-site Internet

Organizations which want to be ready for the future can build their own SD WAN or VPN solution via Eurofiber’s Business Internet. Eurofiber’s Business Internet can be used to connect different locations, we call this Multi-site Internet. These locations are connected via the Eurofiber IP network on a transparent way. This makes the configuration of your own SD WAN or VPN solution possible.

Download product leaflet Multi-site internet

 Optimal availability and support

We provide Business Internet through Eurofiber’s fiberoptic network. Availability depends on the client connection and reaches a minimum of 99.9%. Moreover, you can rely on 24/7 support from the experts at our Network Monitoring Center (NMC).

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