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    Government & Utilities

    Protect the environment, generate savings and improve your services in a Digital Society.

The increasing urbanization of the Netherlands brings significant challenges for water and energy supplies, CO2 emissions and traffic flows, as well as in other areas. Citizens, public authorities and businesses need to join forces in a Digital Society, supported by technology and vast quantities of data. You can help to stimulate and facilitate this Digital Society by utilizing our digital infrastructure.

Smart Mobility: improved traffic flows

Government & Utilities - Fiber optic By connecting bridges, locks, cameras and traffic control systems to our fiber-optic network, you can facilitate improved traffic flows and help optimize road and water traffic coordination. In the process, you’ll also reduce traffic congestion, vehicle emissions and driver frustration. You can even help save lives, by ensuring ambulances are not held up by raised bridges. Hundreds of bridges and locks in the Netherlands are already connected and the number of ‘fiber-enabled’ assets linked through our network is growing daily.

Smart Energy: guaranteed power supply

Our fiber-optic infrastructure enables you to control your power plants remotely. And if something does go wrong, our connections allow for immediate rerouting of the power supply while instantly alerting your technicians to the problem. This also allows you to gather information that you can use to optimize your processes and the power supply. Hundreds of power stations and substations are already connected over our network in the Netherlands.

Smart Government: online services

Citizens expect a higher level of service from public authorities and want more control over services and the way in which they are delivered. It is essential for local and national government organizations to foster dialogue with citizens. Our secure infrastructure enables you to develop online platforms and digitize your services.