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    Provide your customers with fast, reliable telecommunication services.

High bandwidths and a reliable network are essential for mobile and fixed operators, carriers, cable operators and service providers alike. Your customers depend on this vital infrastructure to make phone calls, use the internet and do their work – at the office, at home or on the go. You can rely on Eurofiber’s fiber-optic network, which already underpins the services of the majority of telecom providers in the Netherlands.

Mobile traffic over a fiber-optic network

Telecoms - Fiber optic Employees want to be able to work anytime, anywhere, with any device. Consumers watch movies and listen to music online using a variety of devices. The explosive growth of mobile data has already prompted you and other mobile operators to upgrade from 3G to 4G. Ensure fast and secure transmission of the increasing volume of data traffic over your transmitter masts through our fiber-optic network, which is already used by 3 out of 4 mobile operators in the Netherlands.

Focusing on connectivity

Our open network offers telecom companies significant benefits. The clear separation between connections and services means that you have complete freedom and flexibility in offering tailored solutions to your customers, and we are not a competitor. Precisely these reasons led AMS-IX, one of the largest internet exchanges in the world, to choose us as their partner in connectivity.