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    Digitization yields new opportunities to increase profits and boost productivity.


    Digitization yields new opportunities to increase profits and boost productivity.

A digital tide is washing across the industry, leaving new opportunities for profit in its wake. As ICT and other technologies are used more effectively, the Smart Industry emerges, generating more and more opportunities for customization, new services, and increased productivity. These smart technologies involve massive data volumes and demand a reliable digital infrastructure with no room for concessions.

Collaboration throughout the chain

The Dutch industry sector has a solid reputation for delivering tailor-made solutions based on close-knit customer relations. This approach allows highly complex, customer-specific products to be developed and produced in small series. Such achievements demand intensive collaboration and communication between various parties throughout the chain. Secure, reliable online communications play a vital role.

Business models in transition

More and more often, we see industry merging with services. Production companies increasingly buy and deliver products based on a ‘usage as a service’ or ‘pay per use’ model. We also see maintenance increasingly being provided as a remote service. Generally offered in the cloud, these maintenance services require high-quality access to cloud platforms. The fiberoptic infrastructure provided by Eurofiber ensures maximum reliability.

Efficiency in production processes

Structuring production processes in more efficient ways cuts costs and reduces the customer’s total cost of ownership. Sensors and sophisticated ICT networks are used to implement maximum digitization of product and process information. These processes are driven by vast quantities of data and lead to ongoing optimization. The valuable data driving the process needs to be stored securely in datacenters that adhere to the highest standards of quality – such as the Eurofiber datacenter.

Haal het maximale uit de cloud

In dit eBook geven we u de succesformule om uw organisatie veilig naar de cloud te brengen.