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    Use innovative applications for improved and more cost-efficient healthcare services.

The healthcare sector is innovating rapidly. As a healthcare institution, you need new ICT applications and business models to meet healthcare needs and demands. Eurofiber’s fast, reliable infrastructure provides you with an essential foundation. More than half of all hospitals in our service area use our redundant fiber-optic connections.

Real-time exchange of medical data

Healthcare - Fiber optic Healthcare institutions often see mergers or collaborations with other institutes as a way of maximizing their capacity to meet patients’ needs. Sharing scarce and expensive assets, such as CT scanners, allows them to optimize their efficiency. Our fiber-optic connections enable you to exchange confidential medical files and other data securely and in real time.

Centralizing data and applications

Increasing cooperation brings a growing need to centralize your data and applications. Our fiber-optic network and datacenter give you the means to provide secure and real-time access to your applications. They offer a reliable, cost-effective resource for the secure, long-term storage of large quantities of medical data, including digital patient records and research data.