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    Offer custom education programs at any location and partner with other institutions.

The education sector is going through a transformation. Demand for personalized education and distance learning is growing, while school leavers have different skill requirements. Eurofiber’s digital infrastructure provides you with a solid foundation for leveraging technology to respond to developments, establish flexible forms of learning and realize your educational goals.

Cloud computing

Make your learning environment accessible in the Cloud anytime, anywhere and from any device. Present educational content in an attractive manner and allow students to follow their results real time ‒ at home, at school or on the go. Continuously monitoring learning outcomes online also enables you to improve your results and enhance the quality of your teaching. Our datacenter offers secure hosting for your learning environment.

Education - Fiber optic Connectivity

You need more and more bandwidth for the transfer and storage of data within learning environments. Collaboration with other educational institutions also requires vast quantities of data to be exchanged. Our infrastructure facilitates fast and secure collaboration with your partners, with the added benefit of reliable and flexible connectivity. As a result, you can deliver optimal availability of applications – anytime, anywhere and from any device. And our open network is configured to support your growth and allow you to select your own services and service providers.