#Press release

Eurofiber’s Secure Cloud Connect service provides safe access to the cloud

Direct connections with leading cloud providers via reliable private fiber optic link, separate from the public Internet

Utrecht – Eurofiber today announces the launch of Secure Cloud Connect. This new service offers organizations a direct, redundant connection with leading cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure and Office 365, and IBM SoftLayer over a fiber connection that is kept separate from the public internet. Eurofiber Secure Cloud Connect enables businesses to connect to the cloud safely and securely, meaning they have fast and reliable access to their data and applications in the cloud at all times.

Secure Cloud Connect provides a full-service link from local networks to the cloud. Eurofiber fully configures the connection for optimal data exchange with the cloud. As a result, IT departments have no need to invest in time, knowledge and new equipment themselves, which in turn means they can benefit sooner from innovative, cost-effective cloud applications.

The cloud market is expected to continue growing at a rapid rate over the next two years. Research shows that within 12 months, 77% of companies tend to have more than one cloud arrangement in place. They feel that high bandwidths are required and have a strong preference for direct connections. Eurofiber is capitalizing seamlessly on this development by introducing Secure Cloud Connect. “Cloud computing gives organizations enormous flexibility and relieves them of many ICT concerns,” says Jeanine van der Vlist, Managing Director of Eurofiber. “With Secure Cloud Connect, we are reinforcing these benefits and making it even more attractive and secure for them to switch to the cloud.”

Eurofiber Secure Cloud Connect is supplied over Eurofiber IP VPN and Ethernet VPN connections. Bandwidth is scalable from 50 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s, making it easy for organizations to increase their usage as their needs evolve. Secure Cloud Connect guarantees a very high rate of availability and very low latency. This also makes the service particularly well-suited for business-critical, real-time applications. Using Eurofiber’s independent fiber optic network as a base, organizations have a free choice of the cloud providers and services they want to use. This makes Eurofiber unique. And through Eurofiber’s tightly woven network, companies are also able to connect to their cloud providers quickly and simply.