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Eurofiber Secure Cloud Connect now offers direct link to Amazon Web Services

Further expansion of service providing direct connection to leading cloud providers via reliable private fiber-optic connections, separated from the public internet

Utrecht – On March 30, Eurofiber launched a direct connection to Amazon Web Services (AWS), expanding the scope of the company’s existing Secure Cloud Connect services. Secure Cloud Connect provides organizations with a direct and redundant link to leading cloud platforms via a fiber-optic connection that is separated from the public internet. This ensures a secure path to their cloud, with quick and reliable access at all times to their data and applications. Eurofiber introduced Secure Cloud Connect in autumn 2016, providing a direct connection to Microsoft Azure. The company is planning to link more cloud providers to this service by further expanding the number of connections every quarter.

“The link to Amazon Web Services, which joins the existing Microsoft Azure connection, enables us to expand our services with the addition of a second global public cloud provider in the Netherlands. With Secure Cloud Connect, we offer organizations a secure connection, optimum availability, reliability and simplicity, as well as complete peace of mind. By guaranteeing a link between our customers and the cloud securely and reliably, we are making an important contribution to their business continuity. In addition, they can even more easily utilize smart applications that contribute to the digital society. With our independent fiber-optic network as a basis, customers have the freedom to choose their own cloud providers and services. Eurofiber is unique in doing this,” says Jeanine van der Vlist, Managing Director of Eurofiber Netherlands.

Secure Cloud Connect is Eurofiber’s response to the rapid growth of the cloud market and the increasing demand for high-bandwidth, direct, secure and flexible cloud connections. The service provides companies with a fully managed link from their local network to the cloud. The connection is configured via Eurofiber’s fiber-optic network, which extends for 26,000 km across the Benelux. This finely meshed network enables organizations to quickly and easily link their locations to the cloud platform of their choice. Eurofiber configures the connection to the cloud exchange. Secure Cloud Connect frees IT departments from the need to invest in time, knowledge and new equipment, and enables organizations to benefit more quickly from innovative and cost-efficient cloud applications. This supports the development of the Digital Society.

Eurofiber Secure Cloud Connect is provided over Eurofiber IP VPN or Ethernet VPN connections. Since the bandwidth is scalable from 50 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s, it can easily grow with an organization’s needs. Secure Cloud Connect guarantees very high availability and extremely low latency, making the service ideally suited for business-critical, real-time applications.