#Press release

Eurofiber connects Eemshaven using fully separate fiber-optic routes

Eurofiber has started construction on a new fiber-optic connection to the Eemshaven Dataport. Supplementing the existing route via Delfzijl, the route between the city of Groningen and Eemshaven will be Eurofiber’s second connection to the Dataport. The new connection will be commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Situated directly along the coast, with access to an undersea cable and an excellent energy supply, Eemshaven is receiving extensive attention from international parties seeking accommodations for their data centers. However, the presence of a fully separate fiber-optic route to Groningen, Amsterdam, Hamburg and other cities is a key condition for these companies to opt for this location.

International companies

Once construction is complete on this second route, Eurofiber will be the only fiber-optic network supplier to offer its clients two fully separate fiber-optic connections between Groningen and Amsterdam. Groningen is connected to the internet hub in Amsterdam via two different routes: across the Afsluitdijk dam through North Holland, and around the water on the other side via Lelystad. Clients also have the option of accessing the shortest route to Hamburg. Infra Operator Director Arian de Korte: “Eemshaven is developing into a data center hub for hyperscale and wholesale colocation, and has full potential to become a landing point for very large data centers. The expectation is that many international companies in the IT and social media sectors will set up operations here. Companies like these demand a fiber-optic network that complies with the most stringent standards for bandwidth, uptime and latency and provides the shortest routes. Eurofiber can deliver that network for them.”

The new connection will run directly between Eemshaven and Groningen, providing the shortest route to the data center hub in Amsterdam. De Korte: “By building a second redundant connection via a completely different route, we guarantee optimal continuity for the users. Our clients get access to an even faster network and the quality they need to guarantee provision of their services.”