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Eurofiber and QTS announce strategic partnership

Maarssen – Eurofiber and QTS announced a strategic partnership regarding QTS’ newly acquired data centers in Eemshaven and Groningen. The partnership includes connectivity services and cooperation in sales and marketing.

QTS is a global data center provider that recently acquired two data centers in Eemshaven and Groningen, in addition to a data center in Amsterdam it already manages.

‘QTS is one of the world’s leading data center providers with a strong financial backing making them an ideal partner for our broad portfolio of connectivity services as they enter the market,’ said Paul Naastepad, Managing Director, Eurofiber Netherlands. ‘We share similar growth strategies and recognize the opportunity to establish Eemshaven as a global interconnection hub serving increasing demand for hyperscale and hybrid colocation solutions.’

Connections Eemshaven

Eurofiber will provide QTS with its two fiber-optic connections between Eemshaven – Groningen and Amsterdam. In May 2019, Eurofiber announced the construction of a second fully separated connection. By establishing this new low latency route diversity, Eurofiber made it even more attractive for large data center providers and other global companies that transport large amounts of data to settle at Eemshaven. QTS will also have access to DCspine, Eurofibers innovative data center interconnection platform.