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ECTA Congress Brussels

Gijs Phoelich
Gijs Phoelich

This year the annual ECTA conference will take place in Brussels on 28th and 29th November. Eurofiber is an active member and sponsor of this conference. Eurofiber’s Gijs Phoelich has been chairman of the ECTA board since 2016. He will open the conference on Tuesday 28th November.

What does the ECTA conference mean to Eurofiber Group?

This year’s ECTA conference focuses on the challenges and opportunities for the European communication sector. Eurofiber is investing in infrastructure, specifically fiber. It is important to us that European regulations ensure we can continue to roll out our network and serve our customers. During the conference, Eurofiber will be given the opportunity to communicate this message to the relevant policymakers in Brussels, as well as to numerous operators that work in the European telecommunications markets. We want policymakers to recognize that we occupy a unique position, and to create rules that work.

Why are European regulations important to Eurofiber Group?

Regulations should give us practical support for network rollout, while ensuring that we have and hold on to our competitive advantage.

Eurofiber’s innovative services are both flexible and agile. Regulations play an essential role in helping us respond to our customers’ requirements within the existing and future regulatory frameworks. Regulations encourage competition and ensure that it happens fairly. We want to continue to invest and grow. Regulations should also ensure that networks can be rolled out quickly and correctly. It is essential that we are able to obtain permits quickly, and that administrative requirements are harmonized, so that we can achieve the further densification our network needs — especially when 5G becomes a reality.

What would make this conference a success for you, and what would you like to achieve?

The conference would be a win for Eurofiber if we manage to raise awareness of our unique position within Europe, so that we continue to be seen as fully-fledged discussion partners, despite our limited size. That will open doors that allow us to influence regulations and participate in innovative developments like the Connected Cars project.

As chairman of the ECTA, this conference will be a success if the sector is able to show policymakers how we as market players support the development of the digital society by contributing to innovation and investing in our networks. This should lead to ECTA becoming a serious stakeholder engaged in lasting dialog with all the other policy-making stakeholders in Brussels. The conference must ensure that regulations effectively stimulate competition, so that all parties can continue to offer services to end-users. Competition drives investment, which supports further economic and digital development in Europe. We all benefit from that. This conference should therefore facilitate dialog and discussion, and bring parties together in order to solve problems.