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    Network specialist

    Allow us to advise you on the best way to configure your network architecture.

Leverage Eurofibers extensive experience to your benefit. We are specialized in connecting people, organizations and assets, such as bridges, locks, traffic control systems and power stations. Allow us to advise you on the best way to configure your network architecture and reach your organizations targets with optimum efficiency.

Ring network

A ring network is much like a bead necklace, with the beads representing locations. This enables you to efficiently build a network linking locations that are geographically close to one another. The ring structure automatically ensures redundancy: your data traffic switches direction if its transmission is blocked one way. For example, a ring network would be suitable for a hospital with a datacenter and several outpatient clinics or a care facility situated nearby.

Star network Network specialist - Fiber optic

A star network generally has a central IT environment at its heart. This provides a common connection point for various outlying locations, which use the central facilities it provides. Star networks are not configured for redundancy.

Mesh network

A mesh network often grows organically. Your locations are linked via multiple connections and cooperate in the distribution of data to provide guaranteed availability. The internet is a typical example of a mesh network. Everyone can communicate freely and openly with everyone else.

Tree structure

A tree relies on a trunk that provides the leaves with food and water. A network that uses a tree structure operates along the same lines. Your central IT location or datacenter communicates with your users (the leaves) via the trunk. The leaves cannot communicate with one another.


ICT dependency is increasing, and with it the importance of a reliable digital infrastructure. Redundant fiber-optic connections assure maximum continuity of your business-critical processes. These connections are fully separated; no trench is shared nor route crossed. It is also important that the equipment on your connections is properly calibrated and configured for redundancy.