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    Industry-leading network

    A network that allows you to configure an infrastructure capable of meeting the most stringent demands.

Eurofiber offers you an industry-leading network that allows you to configure an infrastructure capable of meeting the most stringent demands. The technology and architecture of our fiber-optic network guarantee your organization maximum availability – and dependability.

Completely underground Industry leading network - Fiber optic

Avoid risks: our network only surfaces at customer locations or active PoP locations. Our Managed Dark Fiber solution, for example, is configured as a completely underground point-to-point connection. The fiber-optic cables are even spliced together underground. This assures:

  • Lower attenuation than above-ground patching
  • Frequently shorter and more efficient routes
  • Lower risk of interference than with above-ground patches
  • Optimum security

Optimum security and availability guaranteed

You can depend on optimum security and availability. Our fiber-optic cables are safely enclosed in robust ducts underground. This provides your connections with additional protection against disruptions and damage caused by digging. All critical components in this industry-leading network are configured for redundancy. We use datacenters with the highest availability level for active equipment.

Physically separate connections

There is no need for you to make concessions on business-critical connectivity. Our industry leading network is configured for redundancy: the fiber-optic routes follow different and physically separated paths. Digital registration of our fiber-optic network ensures transparency regarding the connection routing, providing you with an assurance of true redundancy. In addition, we never carry out work simultaneously on separated connections.

Certified network engineers

You can be sure we will take maximum care with your connections. All work on our network is carried out according to standardized and well-planned processes, which we monitor and evaluate continually and update yearly. Furthermore, everyone performing work on the network is fully certified. This applies to our own employees as well as subcontractors.