Scalable dark fiber infrastructure helps increase safety

Dark Fiber VRU

The Safety Region of Utrecht must be ready to respond at any moment in the event of a fire, disaster or crisis situation. Eurofiber’s dark fiber solution supports VRU’s vital communication infrastructure.


Time and distance are important factors for the Safety Region of Utrecht. The organization has 80 locations in total. The majority of the 2,400-strong staff are volunteer firemen and women. They are only at their stations one evening a week, but VRU needs to be able to reach them at any time. In case of an incident, it is essential to exchange information quickly and easily.

Dark Fiber VRU Solution

Eurofiber offers the best solution in terms of price and quality for delivering connectivity between the ten largest VRU locations. VRU opted for a combination of dark fiber dedicated connections, which the organization itself configures for 10 Gb/s, and Ethernet connections with bandwidths varying from 100 Mb/s to 1 Gb/s. Eurofiber’s connections support the full range of VRU’s operational activities, from the central exchange of data to telephone services.


VRU has a fast, reliable and cost-efficient communication network. Employees can share applications or use them individually, and exchange data effortlessly. In case of an incident, VRU can prioritize certain communication channels and increase the bandwidth at will. The infrastructure additionally reinforces cooperation and enhances unity and cohesion within VRU.