#Shared Service Center Syntrophos

Future-proof digitization in the province of South Holland

stadhuis spijkernisse - Eurofiber

The digital government is already an established fact in the Dutch province of South Holland. Applying for passports, renewing driver’s licenses or following the council meeting live through streaming video: it’s all routine in the municipalities of Brielle, Nissewaard and Westvoorne. The driving force behind the digitization of South Holland is Syntrophos, the Shared Service Center of the three municipalities.

The challenge

The Dutch government wants to focus on citizens and companies and provide optimal services. Dramatic digitization and process optimization are just two of the ways they intend to accomplish those goals. Within that context, the municipalities of Brielle, Nissewaard and Westvoorne joined forces in 2013. The result of this collaboration is the creation of a joint digital infrastructure to optimize their ICT services, improving cost efficiency.

The solution

Since December 2016, the basis of the ICT services provided by Syntrophos has been built on a ring-shaped Managed Dark Fiber fiber-optic network that extends for 70 kilometers, connecting the municipal areas with each other, as well as with citizens and companies. This network connects two local data centers, all three city halls and approximately twenty other municipal authorities such as the fire department, the theater, the parking company and community centers.

The benefits

The new network infrastructure provides more than ‘just’ reliable and fast connections for municipalities. “It also contributes to a sound business climate for companies. The new digital infrastructure will also encourage innovation and facilitate the arrival of startups in the region.”