Dark fiber-based synchronous data replication guarantees business continuity

Bugaboo - Eurofiber

A central ICT network supports the rapid growth of Dutch company Bugaboo. Two synchronous datacenters and a fiber-optic connection help to guarantee business continuity 24/7.


Bugaboo, the manufacturer of trendy strollers, has offices and production facilities across the globe. To support its rapid growth, the company decided to switch from a decentralized setup to a centralized infrastructure. All applications run in a virtualized environment at the head office in Amsterdam. A synchronously operating replica has been created at an external location. The bandwidth of the VPN connection between the two datacenters proved insufficient, however.

Bugaboo - Eurofiber Solution

Bugaboo selected Eurofiber’s dark fiber solution for connecting the two datacenters. As a result, it is not tied to any particular services or providers and is able to increase the bandwidth to meet its needs. If Bugaboo wants more connections to enable it to expand its virtual network in the future, it has the freedom to do so by deploying WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing). As the sole user of the connection, Bugaboo is guaranteed additional security.


Bugaboo’s datacenters are connected by 10 Gb/s lines. Data replication is virtually synchronous; if there is a problem at one location, the systems are fully up and running at the other location within four hours. The dark fiber and the second datacenter also ensure the company can always access the internet. With the dark fiber and internet connections entering the building on different sides, Bugaboo is assured of worldwide redundancy.