#Beurs van Berlage

Business fiber-optic solution provides plentiful bandwidth for events and guests

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The Beurs van Berlage has become the leading meeting venue in the city of Amsterdam. Eurofiber’s business fiber-optic solution makes it possible to provide visitors, tenants and guests with ultra-fast internet.


The Beurs van Berlage is a venue for many different events. The former commodity exchange in the very heart of Amsterdam also houses a restaurant/café and catering facilities and has office space to let. In order to be commercially successful, it is essential that the location offers state-of-the-art ICT facilities. The infrastructure must enable ultra-fast internet access, for instance. The existing solution, with internet access being provided via routers, no longer fulfilled the requirements.


Beurs van Berlage - klantcase A WiFi network is connected to the Beurs van Berlage’s central server via a scalable Ethernet connection provided by Eurofiber. The server is externally hosted. An internet service provider offers super-fast internet connectivity from this external location. The connectivity delivered by Eurofiber also enables tenants to use fixed connections within the building, in combination with additional partner services such as internet access and telephony.


The WiFi network and fiber-optic connection quickly proved to be invaluable. Just a few months after the new infrastructure was commissioned, the Beurs van Berlage was selected to host the international press center for the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander. The ultra-fast infrastructure is also an advantage when it comes to leasing office space. The Beurs van Berlage’s own organization also benefits from the upgraded infrastructure, with high-quality internet telephony and the possibility to work from home with a fast internet connection.