Architecture in the cloud thanks to Eurofiber Datacenter


Inbo, an architecture firm, has fully embraced the concept of virtual working: all its business systems are hosted in a Eurofiber datacenter. This provides the firm with a high-quality and future-proof ICT environment, guaranteeing employees flexible access to applications.


Inbo is increasingly centralizing its ICT. Its own datacenter in Woudenberg no longer offered the proper facilities for serving all its six offices, however. Moreover, the firm did not want to be tied to a particular location. A mobile datacenter proved too expensive and cumbersome. The most logical option was an external datacenter.

Inbo Solution

Eurofiber offered an easily accessible location with state-of-the-art facilities, at the lowest cost. Inbo’s service provider connected the datacenter to the existing fiber-optic ring linking the six offices. The first step was to enable central access to the internet from the datacenter. Inbo then transferred all the other systems and fitted out Woudenberg as a back-up location.


The Eurofiber Datacenter provides Inbo with a flexible ICT environment. Employees have a virtual workstation, enabling them to work at different business locations as well as from home. And if it moves premises, the firm only needs to arrange the connection at the new location. The scalability of the environment also enables new, high-demand applications to be deployed. Finally, the datacenter enables Inbo to save on energy costs. Insight into its energy consumption allows Inbo to take greater control of its energy usage.